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Werner Herzog’s 1970 Film: Even Dwarfes Started Small

PRESSRELEASE from the Museum of Everything
4:00pm – Sunday 23rd January 2011

Hello little friends, this week why don’t you skip into de verld ov bleck und weiss mit unserem neuen besten freund Werner Herzog in this his second …

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Junction: William Hunt,public works, Ria Pacquee at the Camden Arts Centre

March 11th – March 14th
This is an opportunity to see work by William Hunt, Art and Architecture collective public works and filmmaker Ria Pacquee. Live music, comedy, undercover filming, a mobile poster float and a polygraph machine. This …

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The Journey South by Herbert Ponting

The Journey South 4rth Feb – 6th March

Getty Image Gallery London
This Photographic exhibition marks the centenary of Scott’s voyage to the South Pole. It features the work of Herbert Ponting the photographer and cinematographer who was part …

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