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Terminal P









Terminal P 

La Panacée, Centre of Contemporary Culture Montpelier France

Is a new exhibition exploring the theme of airports. It includes works from the digital arts, installations, sound videos and photography. La …

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Ittah Yoda at Annka Kulty Gallery London

‘I think mango you say salmon’

Often I hear it said that there is nothing new in painting. But having seen and enjoyed the new and emotive installation , ’I think mango you say salmon’  by Ittah Yoda at Annka

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Ai Wei Wei at the Royal Academy London – Dec19 2015

150917-ai-weiweiI dont think the Exhibition at the Royal Academy is the best exhibition I have seen of Ai Wei Wei ‘s works or they simply are just not suited for the spaces the Royal Academy can provide. But it is …

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