Aéroports / Ville-Monde in Paris

Digital art and cultural centre, The Gaite Lyrique is hosting Aéroports / Ville-Monde: an immersive exhibition in which the atmosphere of an airport terminal is recreated. Featuring 19 international artists, the exhibition is the second edition of Terminal P, held first in Montpellier at La Panacée one year ago.  

In Paris, on the evening of the opening I was given a boarding pass and a carte d’embarquement du commissaire de l’exposition. Franck Bouchard, whom I found to be a very dedicated curator to his artists, invites us on a fictional journey exploring the notions of what airports mean in the contemporary technological, scientific and imaginary and psychoanalytical sense. Through the works of the artists presented, the installation raises questions around mobility and surveillance, immigration, consumption, terrorism, the virtual and the real.

erosImage by An Te Liu http://www.anteliu.com/

Familiar queue barrier bands display poems and messages by Matthias Gommel, whereas ‘ER OS’ and ‘E GO’, spelled out in An Te Liu’s work, are a play on words in the shape of illuminated lightbox signs normally found on the runway. 5886cbb8e4b0c4eaad4e02fa

Image by,  Adrian Paci

Visitors are invited to pass through the Physiognomic Scrutinizer by Marnix de Nijs, a border control that matches your image with those of a celebrity. Then further on we are confronted with Joseph Popper’s drone command centre, The Same Face, neatly tucked into an alcove. It is a 1:1 scale model with which he compares the labor of love involved in the making of the model and its distance to the real thing, to the actual distance created between the pilot of a drone to it’s target. The views of a drone pilots target can only be seen through the instruments and the imagery on screen whereas the effects of reaching a possible target are all too real. JP_TSF_640_email 

 Image by Joseph Popper , The Same Face. http://www.josephpopper.net/

The real and virtual meet again in Hiraki Sawa’s amusing imaginative video piece, Dwelling, in which model airplanes take off in and around his London home. Right at the back of the exhibition leading one’s view further afield is Jasmina Cibic’s oversized, arresting photograph of an airplane interior decked out in hunting trophies, which brings up questions concerning the environmental impact of travel. This leads to David Thomas Smith lightbox images, which are incredibly complex composites of thousands of digital images taken from internet satellite images. Titled Anthropocene, Smith highlights the notion that humankind is now a geological force in its own right.  Las Vegas

Image by, David Thomas Smith , Las Vegas.

‘Centro di Permanenza Temporanea’, a film by Adrian Paci, is a brilliant observation and interpretation addressing the poignant questions and actualities of migration. Sound installation artist Kerwin Rolland is responsible for the immersive, ambient airport soundtrack you can listen to while pouring over the table covered in research concerning the Psychoanalysis of International airports, arranged by Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon.  

I am only mentioning some of the artists on show, but here below is the list of all of them participating. I hope that if you are visiting Paris, you are not going to miss out on this interesting and arresting exhibition. It is still on until the 21 May 2017. EXHIBITION-VIEW-Lufthansa-1-1024x766                                  Image by Jasmina Cibic,  http://jasminacibic.org/projects/dictionary-of-imaginary-places/

19 International Artists participating in the exhibition Aéroport /Ville-Monde:

Cécile Babiole, Jasmina Cibic, Eli Commins, Marnix de Nijs, Camille Demouge, Fanchon Bonnefois, Matthias Gommel, Audrey Martin, Jonathan Monk, Adrian Paci, Joseph Popper, Kerwin Rolland, Hiraki Sawa, An Te Liu, David Thomas Smith, Masha Shubina, Yorgo Tloupas, Gwenola Wagon et Stéphane Degoutin


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