Terminal P

La Panacée, Centre of Contemporary Culture, Montpellier.

La Panacée, Centre of Contemporary Culture, Montpellier.









Terminal P 

La Panacée, Centre of Contemporary Culture Montpelier France

Is a new exhibition exploring the theme of airports. It includes works from the digital arts, installations, sound videos and photography. La Panacée is filled with visual and acoustic signals, transforming the gallery into an airport environment.

Jasmina Cibic, Taryn Simon, Milan Tutunovic, ESBAMM, Stéphane Degoutin & Gwenola Wagon, Zeno Franchini & Francesca Gattello, Rags media collective, Kerwin Rolland, Martha Rosler, Lab [au], Adrian Paci, Joseph Popper, T. de Ruyter, C. Rouaud & E. Mysius, Richard Baker, Marnix De Nijs, Jonathan Monk, Eli Commins, Audrey Martin, Cecile Babiole, David Thomas Smith, Cédrick Eymenier and An te Liu

The image above is taken from Joseph Popper’s piece ‘The Same Face’ first exhibited at the Lighthouse in  Brighton in 2015.

Terminal P is curated by Franck Bouchard

The exhibition opens from June 18th – August 28th 2016

More information can be found at http://lapanacee.org/fr/exposition/terminal-p

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