Walking on the beach imitating sand.

Last chance to see this new inspiring show before it closes on the 21. February. Go and enjoy and move around the objects and spaces that Virgil Ittah and Kai Yoda collaboratively  created for the ground floor of Gallery Hus and for you the viewer.  It is playful and original and innovative and introduces a progression from their show last November.

See RP review entry from November show here



The works are inspired by a walk on sand and other elements in the installation remind of sails passing and bring vistas of the beach to mind.  A creature is rocking at its base  and there is rigging going on high above and I imagine waiting for the sea breeze to sweep me out into the ocean.  But all is calm in the gallery and I m perched on the bench shaping another story in my mind where sand  is the protagonist and the property of sand itself , which holds and cakes together when wet and heavy and runs through the fingers so easily when dry. Here in the gallery the objects and creatures induce an awareness of the essential substance of materiality and their forms and shapes appear to be on the verge of diffusion and liquidity. This combination creates a subtle atmosphere of depth, surprise and playfulness.

Here is a link here to the Press Release . The show is on at The Hus Gallery, 10 Hanover Street, London. http://husgalleries.com/index.php/exhibitions/view/virgile-ittah-hitomi-kai-yoda



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