Turner Contemporay at Margate and Edward De Waal

While on a recent visit to ‘the lovely up and coming’ Margate I much enjoyed the constant change of the light and change in the color of the water which could be percieved as blue one minute and electric pink and then again milky white the next. This brings forth a special atmosphere which is particular to this edge of english coast. While walking along the beach and tracing steps along harbor I began to understand the attraction for Turner this part of the coast must have had for him and other artists following on from him. Edmund De Waal was showing his work titled ‘Atmosphere’ at the Turner Contemporary which is conveniently perched on one side of the harbor facing the sea. Not wanting to detract from the excellent views out to the waiting freight boats in the bay and the horizons over the seascape his installation was positioned so that it would incorporate the ever changing view. IMG_6304

There were mats provided that allowed the visitor to get comfortable and lie down beneath the works which melded into the sky when seen from this position.

IMG_6297Edmund De Waal , I think is as successful at his art as a potter and artist as he is a writer. His book ‘The Hare with the Amber Eyes’ is one of my favorite reads and whereas the book takes you on a trip way back into world history, his exhibition of 286 ceramic vessels in 9 vitrines suspended and floating from the roof of the Sunley gallery prompts you to pay attention to the here and now while following the continuous minute changes in the weather or it may transport you into as yet unexplored spaces of the mind and events that are still up in the air and are yet to come into being or  to be made concrete. Edward De Waal has transformed the gallery into a poetic space. http://www.turnercontemporary.org/exhibitions/edmund-de-waalIMG_6301


A few of the lettering below seems to have taken to the sky too !


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