They used to call it the Moon


  • Check out the link above , This is a very interesting discussion on the ‘Free Thinking’ program on chanel BBC3 . Naomi Alderman, Roger Luckhurst and BALTIC curator Alessandro Vincentelli join Matthew Sweet to discuss how science fiction and space travel change our view of this world and to discuss whether the limits of our knowledge about the future make us scared or optimistic? BALTIC’s They Used To Call It The Moon brings together artworks to reflect the new space race. The BFI has curated a 3 month season of science fiction film screenings and events around the UK.

    I really enjoyed this exhibition at the Baltic in Newcastle it is very well curated I loved the choice of artworks on display each of the artists works had a new angle a different take and I was really  inspired  to engage with diverse ideas and experiments for space exploration and travel.

    Recommended and well worth a trip to Newcastle. Exhibition is on until the 11th of January 2015


    Artists in the show are: Katy Cole / Caroline Corbasson / Aaron Guy / Thomas Ireland / Michael Light / Kate Liston / Cristina de Middel / Aleksandra Mir / Michael Mulvihill / Mehreen Murtaza / Liam Murray / Trevor Paglen / Katie Paterson / Joseph Popper / Sophy Rickett / Aura Satz / Guy Schofield / The Stanley Kubrick Archive / Simon Starling / Marko Tadić / Wolfgang Tillmans










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