At Sadie Coles Matthew Barney

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Crown Zinc   10th Oct – 13th December Press release:

The River of Fundament , Matthew Barney’s 6 hour epic filmic and operatic work played in the summer at the National English Opera in London. The sculptures currently on view at the Sadie Coles are related to the film. Decay  waste, transformation and metamorphosis are recurring themes in Barney’s work. He reinvigorates ancient myths,  reenacts stories and infuses them into a modern american context. His productions are ultra elaborate.  The cinematography is visually breathtaking and even if what is being acted out before your eyes is distasteful and repulsive and excruciatingly slow.  Personally I could not handle his latest film yet I do think his work is important and often brilliant. Barney’s imagination fueled by his far reaching interest in mythology continues to invent his own 21century myths and icons.06_Head of Young Hathfertiti
Here in the gallery are pieces from the film’s set and some unusual dry point drawings on metal plates.  Re-cognisable skeletal car parts originating from iconic American models are gathered around the the space. They  have undergone transformation and so I am told, relate to the Egyptian Myth of Osiris from the Book of the Dead. Intriguing.

Exhibition is still on until the 13th December 2014













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