Artist to watch out for Matthew Higgins


Again at Chelsea MA Fine Art Degree Show and again an artist of my choice to look out for in the future is Matthew Higgins work.

Matthew Higgins Photography and Installation Fine Art MA Chelsea London

Matthew Higgins Photography and Installation Fine Art MA Chelsea London

We see the photo works of utopian landscapes contrasting a so called natural landscape. Questioning what kind of landscape we might be creating in the future Matthew Higgins  set out to create and collate a landscape from found and discarded objects. Experimenting with light, mood and scale the photographs have a literally timeless quality and one is not quite sure where or how to place them in context of time and space. They offer new and fantastical options for how we could imagine scenes that are utopian but that merge with the familiar.

Matthew Higgins Photography and InstallationI spent enjoyable time looking at the intricacies and detail in the physical and built scenery tower as much as the resulting photographic print works. They reflect and offer a fresh perspective for the scope of photography in art.  The juxtaposition between a utopian idea and the hand crafted from technological found debrit is intriguing  and I look forward to see more from this gifted artist.

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