Boomoon is a photographer born and living in South Korea. His large scale photographs are a culmination of waiting in the landscape he experiences, in his words: ‘Waiting is part of the encounter, and the image really is the culminating point in my complex experience of relationships with the world before me. I m always amazed that it is possible to obtain an image in the fleeting second of an encounter between several physical and mental worlds. the moment when the shutter opens at last is the conclusion of a situation.’

It is easy to overlook photographs in a time where we are subjected to pictorial images all the time. Boomoon’s series of atmospheric photographs feel as if one can step into them,  make one stop and look and contemplate. They are large scale,  reveal a sense place, but also get you thinking about the infinite and the fact that natural forces are uncontrollable. His subjects are vast open spaces in the landscape and about his Naksan Series he says: ‘These photographs are for a quiet dialogue with oneself, the vertical frame and the presence of the absolute blank stage at he bottom of the frame, circumscribe and clarify the fact that at this very moment the photographer and the beholder is witnessing face-on the event taking place in this absolute zone. At the same time the stage that stands on the side of the beholder becomes overt. In other words it is a mirror. I confront myself as a landscape.”

Flowers Gallery are showing his work until 5th of April 2014   Gallery 21 Cork Street. London W1S 3LZ

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