New Order at Saatchi Gallery London

The best room at the New Order Exhibition PV at the Saatchi Gallery in Kings Road last week  was the one dedicated to Virgil Ittah and Martine Poppe’s work. Virgil was showing new work and what at first glance could be seen as sculpture in the classical figurative sense, on second glance reveals new frames of references that invite  the visitor  to sit down in front of the figure and actively engage with the work on a 1-2-1 so to speak. The figure unfolds an anatomical inside and gives out  a tangible sense of the tactile. An other form in the room is all together melded into the chair and while the figure is reposing, her feet diminishing into the ground beneath. Virgil Ittah has a great sense and skill for embodying the fleshy physicality and inventing new perspectives for body language in figurative representation. A very recent graduate from the Royal Collage of Art her sculptural works caught the attention not only of Mr Saatchi but has generated interest amongst various collectors already.

Martine Poppe’s paintings are an antidote to clarity for they view as if seen through a filter of thin white mesh. I found them interesting for by their seemingly slight and shadowy appearance they seem to want to dissolve into the walls and yet are very much present in the room.

There is of course much more good work to see for example  ‘Off the wall’ and playful is Kate Hawkins humorous take on portraiture, and Sarah Dwyer’s large colorful but daunting canvases, and Dominic Beattie’s collaged paintings which I liked a lot.

The exhibition is still on until the 23rd of March 2014.

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