Dropping the Urn is Ai Wei Wei at the V&A

This  Exhibition will be on until the 18th March 2012. So that will leave plenty of time to reach the 6th floor of the V&A and the very last room on that floor , room 146 to be precise , to go and visit this good if rather small show. Today ceramics continue to be iconic to China’s rich cultural heritage. In ‘Dropping the Urn’, Ai Wei Wei  questions inherent systems and  using historical artefacts from as far back as the Han Dynasty and Neolithic times, he has either ground  them to dust or repainted  them with modern paints and glazes. Poignantly it can be understood as a metaphor for his relationship with his native China , one where concern and opposition take equal stage. Jingdezhen the town where most of the pottery of old and new are manufactured still today, is also where all the millions of sunflower seeds we saw in the Tate earlier this year were carefully hand made. There is a little pile of those also left in one corner.

If you do make it there,  also to be seen on the way through the warren of vitrine’s bursting with porcelain and pottery from all ages and places, there is a contemporary  international display of ceramics well worth seeing in room 141.


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