Werner Herzog’s 1970 Film: Even Dwarfes Started Small

PRESSRELEASE from the Museum of Everything
4:00pm – Sunday 23rd January 2011

Hello little friends, this week why don’t you skip into de verld ov bleck und weiss mit unserem neuen besten freund Werner Herzog in this his second motion picture, unleashed in 1970 and entitled Even Dwarfes Started Small.
The film is quite unlike any other you will ever see. Call it unsettling, disturbing, austere or even hallucinatory, it is one of our most abstracted favourites, a seemingly brilliant metaphor for something, albeit that no-one has actually worked out what that metaphor is.
Also still on until the 11th February is the 3rd Exhibition co-curated by Sir Peter Blake. Featuring the recreation of Walter Potter’s lost Museum of Curiosity.

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