Gavin Turk: ‘Muse de Bois Rond’ Frieze 2010

I became an artwork when I entered Gavin Turk’s rent a bike shed.
Mind you I did have to do all the work. Once I had paid my one pence by credit card and been given a ticket, the volunteer from Chelsea College confided that he only learned to ride a bike yesterday but he would gladly take me around the prescribed tour. It was a wobbly and rather precariously slow ride. I am now in awe of the adept cyclists negotiating amongst traffic in London every day. I missed turning on the corner off the circle, I was fearful of colliding, with a car I sensed was somewhere in the vicinity, but really was miles away ! The inner circle of beautiful Regents Park, is lovely and thankfully the volunteer knew the way, and we wobbled on chatting about art all the way. It was fun. I have a little slip of paper signed by Gavin Turk stating I am now his ‘Muse de Bois Rond!’

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