Angela de la Cruz

Camden Arts Centre 1.April-30.May 2010
Arkwright Road
London NW3<a
Angela de la Cruz deconstructs paintings into sculpture but they are still paintings.
For her first solo show at the Camden Arts Centre Angela devised works to fit the gallery space. Crushed and mounted onto the walls and into corners of the gallery folded up to fit under a chair they are sculptural but retain their relationship to the idea of painting. The painting sitting in a chair looking at another painting, seems to be saying amongst other things of course.. ‘a painting, is a painting and will always be a painting wherever and however it is placed.

Crunched into the gallery space or debated within the confines of art theory painting deserves its place.
Titles include: Homeless, Hung, Stuck and Deflated and allude to unsympathetic treatment of the subject of painting in an often hostile environment.

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