401 Contemporary London Projects

401 Contemporary London Projects

13 Masons Yard, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6BU


Adolf Luther and Alicja Kwade

A mirror surface with a non-uniform orientation presents a multiplied, fragmented and/or distorted image of the world and the viewer. (radicalart/2003)

If you happen to be in the area definitely go and have a look at Adolf Luther’s and Alicja Kwades work on show there at the moment. Both artists use  mirror reflection and light to make us aware that how we perceive and how what we see can depend entirely on where the viewer is standing.

Adolf Luther’s counts as one of the pioneers in the research of optical phenomenons in art. Contemporaries are Otto Piene, Gerhard Mack who were the founders of the Zero Movement in Art, which were a group who in 1956 distance themselves from anything that had gone on before and decided to start at point zero. In the 70’s is known for the huge ‘light walls’ he constructed in front of public buildings in Europe to complement architecture with an element of constant movement with light and reflection. In this show we see smaller pieces of his work form the 1960’s where with concave and convex mirrors he began to perform making light visible in space. Alicja Kwade also deals with the theme of perception through light and installs ‘light situations’ with a minimalist aesthetic continuing with the art based investigations of light with a similar approach Adolf Luther. More of her work continuing on the  themes of space, parallel worlds and work  grappling with other dimensions is well documented on her website and I think is very interesting.  See below.



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