Werner Herzog and celebrating the one thousand click to my site today!


Werner Herzog and celebrating the one thousand’st click’s to my site today!

The last two weeks I overindulged in art all over town and was present at several talks and it would take me a week , and longer to describe and share it all.
But one of the highlights was hearing Werner Herzog at the South Bank on Saturday night. He is best known for his film Fitzgeraldo which was beset by misfortune during the making of it. From relating his profound experience and realisation of the conquest of the useless in the deepest darkest jungles of Peru, he continued to delighted me and everyone else when he defined culture that evening to a packed and very appreciative audience. Culture he said : ‘is the collective agitation of our minds.’

This simple but loaded line of expression by Herzog kept my mind engaged for quite some time. Over the week end my own line of travels was not neat and precise like a well thought out statement nor was it short. My car journey took me from the west of London to the north on the A40 and onto the flyover, and just before I hit the beginnings of Baker Street, traffic slowed and I was inching my way forward, when I arrived at a point of view where the city is sprawling out below and before and all around . The towering amalgamation and clustering of buildings became for me in that instant synonymous with the shaping and overlapping of ideas and how each one of our agitated minds , each one of our movements and decisions have made a difference and to the city in shaping a living monument that abounds with daily creativity.

I hope to tell you more about that talk and will transcribe it in the near future. His vast imagination and experience coupled by his sane approach to life was very inspiring. And no, against the general consensus of him being that crazy guy, I would have to say that no, he is not even a little bit crazy.

There is a new book out about Werner Herzog relating his experiences:
http://www.amazon.com/Werner-Herzog-Arte-Herbert-Achternbusch/dp/3936314314 , it will be in my bookshelves shortly!

But in the meantime let me remind you of an other way of art- experiencing the enormous scale of our city and our place in it. Go and see Antony Gormley’s “The fourth plinth” on Trafalgar Square it is still running until the 14th of October when 100 days without a break of people having the opportunity of making the plinth their own will end. The plinth generally reserved for kings and heroes has become a free space for expression where the participants find themselves elevated but also dwarfs by the sheer vastness of the architecture itself. It is difficult to be heard from there and for people watching from below the scale of the person occupying the plinth at any one time makes one recognise and realise the sheer size of what makes up Trafalgar Square itself. And if I was good at math’s I would divide the size of the square into the size of the whole of London and that number divided by the size of the plinth and then divide again into the size of a person to find out my physical percentage in the whole city. Anyone out there who can do that?
Guessing it is going to be equal to the percentage of my online contribution.. like the 1000’dst click’s and visits to my site up to today. Thank you everyone!

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