A Stroll around Kreuzberg

Blu _0250

Strolling around Kreuzberg so famous for its Street Art and Graffiti everywhere
I came across this famous piece by Blu in Cuvry Strasse which leads down to the river Spree. I have heard said in London recently that Street Art is dead. Not so in Berlin the European Capital of the Street Art just hosted Grafftitibox Summer Jam at the Ostbahnhof for the week end attracting 200 or so sprayers which were provided with plenty of walls to work on. The scene is international and gets progressively younger with artists as young as 12years old taking part.

Walk on down from Cuvry Strasse along Schlessige Strasse and you will come to Flutgraben and the Berlin Arena. A multi complex used for events concerts plus an artists studio complex. I spent Sunday Evening there at the Badeschiff. A swimming pool designed originally for a competition in 2004 by Artist Susanne Lorenz. This Pool in the middle of the river glows azure and is lit at night in the middle of the river Spree. I got there around ten o’clock at night and people lounged on wooden platforms playing cards with their feet in sand or relaxed and gently swayed in hammocks, while the band played brazilian inspired jazz.
The pool opens at 8’oclock in the morning for serious swimmers and in the evening the opening time is typically berlin openended. Check it out here!

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