Dare you jump?

Johanna Billing "Where she is at".

Johanna Billing’s film “Where She Is At” was filmed at the Ingestrand baths outside Oslo in 2001. It is about a young woman and the quiet struggle with herself on the high diving tower. Dare she jump?
I saw this piece in 2001 and renewed at the Camden Arts Centre this week. I noticed that the film has lost none of its impact. Johanna Billing chooses significant and less significant moments in time that we can all identify with and are in them selves timeless.
Its good to watch it a few times , because every time the tension seems to increase for some unexplainable reason!
Also showing is “I’m lost without your rhythm” and there is a great program of talks. check it out at the
Camden Arts Centre
10 July – 13th September 2009

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